Working Well


In 2018, forward-thinking organizations have altogether stopped asking themselves “Will we incorporate an employee wellness initiative?”

The question asked now is “HOW?”

And the true game-changers (ahem, that's you!), know that in order to really thrive - as a company, as a community, as a culture - we need to get filled up. We have to be resourced and fueled with tools for empowered life management, a good sense of purpose, and collaborative learning that leads to mutual respect, appreciation and positivity amongst peers. 

Soulbare’s corporate wellbeing program is based on 10+ years of focused study, teaching and practice of over 5,000 years of global wisdom in the fields of health + wellness. The Working Well offers two tracks of education:

1 | the power of presence
     Meditation, Breathwork + Conscious action

2 | The Science of Life
     Ayurveda, sensory healing + Mindful Routine

Each track translates ancient, soul-expanding wisdom into modern, research-validated wellbeing that can be felt and measured.


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Have you gotten those gears turning with these idea starters? Great! Now let's shape them into THE perfect experience of wellbeing for your organization...

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This stuff is sacred, and it's also science. 

There are literal weeks worth of supportive research on the Google machine.
Here are a few of Soulbare's faves:

National Center for Complimentary + Integrative Health
Live and dare :: rich study compilation
psychology today :: rich study compilation
harvard business review :: why ceos meditate
gallup :: employee wellbeing + enagement


The educational content and methodology of The Working Well is designed directly from this scientific research and is proven to positively impact the 3 building blocks of personal and organizational wellbeing.


Show your peeps they are deeply cared for, especially in the midst of a physically/mentally demanding work environment, and they will care right back. Content adds value not just professionally, but personally as well.


Improve interpersonal communication, respect, recognition and camaraderie by getting everyone moving in the same direction. Like a flock of harmonized seagulls, but more impactful for corporate culture.


Help employees become the most vibrant, vital versions of themselves by providing fun, easily accessible lifestyle tools that are proven to reduce stress, enhance creativity, promote problem solving and improve total wellbeing of body, mind + soul.

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Content + Flow

1 | The Power of Presence

MEDITATION, BREATh + conscious action

"My mind could NEVER quiet long enough to meditate. My day is so jam-packed, I have no time to sit in silence doing NOTHING. I don't even 'get' what this mindfulness stuff is about... it won't work for me."

The objection list goes on. Would you be willing to trade all the unknowns for a SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN method to:

·  reduce anxiety                         ·  lower blood pressure
·  improve overall health             ·  reverse the seeds of illness
·  expand self-awareness            ·  increase brain function
·  super-charge innovation          ·  inspire creative problem solving

I had a feeling you might say Yes. Together, we will dispel the myths and misconceptions about meditation and discover just how stress-free and purpose-full your life can be.

why it matters

Meditation leads to COUNTLESS 

Psychosomatic Medicine 49(1) (1987): 493–507.    The Power of Presence  introduces Primordial Sound Meditation, a direct descendent of Transcendental Meditation

Psychosomatic Medicine 49(1) (1987): 493–507.
The Power of Presence introduces Primordial Sound Meditation, a direct descendent of Transcendental Meditation

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2 | The Science of Life

AYURVEDA + mindful work/life harmony

Take a deep dive into Ayurveda – a 5,000-year-old system of health and healing that allows you to harness the infinite wisdom of nature to feel more balanced, energized, and recharged – top to bottom, inside and out.

·  Understand your unique mind/body personality type and how it relates to change
·  Learn to use color, sound, food, breath and movement as medicine for health + wellness
·  Create a personalized daily ritual of wellbeing that you will WANT to stick with
·  Increase energy, vibrancy and vitality in all areas of life
·  Understand what makes others tick and how to celebrate + harness their unique gifts in the workplace


Ayurveda is akin to an ancient Myers Briggs personality assessment. By learning attendees’ Dosha - or Mind/Body Personality type - we focus on strengths and talents, and how they can uniquely contribute to the world personally and professionally.

This serves an amazing team building tool, as employees begin to deeply understand the motivation of others and how each unique personality type is needed to ensure an effective, efficient, FUN workflow.

Gallup research shows the impact on employee engagement and the importance of recognizing and celebrating unique strengths…

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