Hi there, I'm Monica.
The woman behind this Soulbare mission.

This work - this path - found me in early 2008 when I least expected it.

Through a series of synchronistic, magic-like events (that I’d love to share with you over a cuppa some day!), I found myself transitioned from a Marketing + Management career into the world of consciousness-based wisdom traditions and soulful self-discovery.

I spent over 6 years as a Master Educator and Retreat Host with The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, CA., where I received certifications in Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda under the mentorship of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon and many other world-renowned visionaries. I had the immense fortune of honing my teaching skills at the Center for years, with guests from all over the world.

In 2015, I launched Soulbare, sold nearly all my belongings, and moved to Central America to study Mayan cultural traditions. I realized this deep desire to weave together ancient health and wellbeing practices from both sides of the globe and set out to learn just how to do so.

I now live home-free as an Intentional Nomad and travel the world to facilitate adventure retreats + transformational workshops.

And truth be told, I’m completely making it up as I go.
Re-writing the story every month, week, 8 minutes.
I am an eternal optimist, a cosmic explorer, entirely flawed and perfectly human.

Really, I’m just like you.

Stumbling through this life, drunk on love for it all.
Sometimes things flow with crystal clarity and we just *know* we are rocking our purpose.
Often times, in the haze, we forget our Greatness.
So I’ve made it my mission to remember mine.
To get insanely clear on what lights me on fire and vow to fully reveal my magic to the world. To unapologetically Bare my Soul.
Get it? ;)

One of the things that really makes me come alive is helping others (that’s you!) rediscover and reveal their own vibrant, passionate, purposeful self. Every. Single. Day.

It doesn’t mean my shit doesn’t break. Because man-oh-man, does it ever. But the difference – the real magic – is in the tools. I’ve got an entire arsenal of techniques for mindfulness, radical self-care, total wellbeing, energetic cleansing, community support, compassion and endless gratitude.

After a decade of focused study, teaching and practice, I used these tools to create everything you see here. Each sacred retreat, mindful workshop, corporate wellbeing offering and heart:heart session was carefully crafted to help you remember how to live more wholly, healthfully, joyfully and lit on fire.

When you forget, please allow me the great honor of reminding you.
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