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on retreats...

“There was an ever-present sense of organic magic that tied us directly to the land, the air, the water. Kirtan was an amazing unexpected experience, dreamcatcher workshop provided an opportunity to create, the hikes were epic in the best way, and our [fire ceremony] was beyond exceptional. Very bonding!” 

“Such a healing, cleansing, empowering retreat… just what I needed to come back into myself.”

"My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Soulbare's Wisdom of the Elements Retreat. Monica created the perfect environment for us to relax, restore, and have an adventure. She is an excellent teacher, highly knoweledgable on her offerings, and makes you feel taken care of. If you have a chance to take a class/workshop/retreat with her, DO IT. Our time together was truly life changing!"

“You are such a beautiful soul and I am so grateful to have you in my life. Absolutely love what you created with this retreat. So supportive and heart-opening.” 

“Thank you for giving us this space to be! It was life changing!”

“From the moment of the opening ceremony… [the retreat] was highly creative and powerful. Instant connection to the elements.”


on workshops...

"Monica has such an amazing soul! She is positive, uplifting, and brings the most amazing energy to any event. It is incredible to see her grow spiritually as she takes on new worldly travels and the wealth of knowledge she brings back every time rocks my socks off. I have been to Monica's guided meditations as well as a Mayan Cacao ceremony and have left so refreshed and full of new energy each time. I cannot speak highly enough of her and her work!"

"I loved Soulbare's Tonal Alchemy class. We were guided through a meditation on the elements while Monica played her singing bowl. I'm pretty sure we traveled through time or at least a few extra dimensions because I felt so amazingly spacious by the end of it."

"You have NO idea how much your [Radiant Self-Love] class impacted me. I literally left there feeling so free. Thank you is an understatement for offering your gifts!"

"I seriously do believe I was meant to meet you in my journey. It’s just like when you are trying to figure out where your life is going to take you and then there is that one [teacher] where you’re like “confirmation”!! I appreciate all of the tools you shared with me at [Finding ClariTEA Meditation Workshop]. I can’t thank you enough!"