This retreat is intuitively guided to combine class-style workshops, meditations, yoga, partner practice & hands-on experience. Students receive focused time to learn, grow, set intentions for the changing seasons, and connect with nature. We will discover how to live with more passion, purpose and positivity in each area of our lives - enhancing our personal journeys into wellbeing.

At the end of the retreat, you will be a Reiki Level 1 Certified Practicioner. We'll explore deeply how to utilize the learned tools and techniques as healers and practitioners.

In addition to the focused Areas of Awakening (below), you'll be pampered with lots of other goodies:

  • 60 minute healing therapeutic massage + sauna 
  • Guided waterfall + river hike with nature meditation
  • Entrance to a reserve with over 2,000 varieties of orchids
  • Crystal Healing and Plant Medicine toolkits to support your Reiki + Meditation practice at home
  • Locally-sourced vegetarian meals - ALL Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners


Awakening Physical Wellbeing
Daily Hatha Yoga Flow

Our body is communicating with us every moment of every day, quietly (yet persistently!) giving signs and signals of where it is functioning at its absolute best and where it could use a little help. In our daily Hatha flow, we will first learn how to clear away static in the channels of communication and tune into the infinite wisdom of our body. Then, we will explore kind, intentional, powerful movements to support physical wellbeing. The result is an immediate alleviation of tension, stress and dis-ease, and an awakening of vibrant energy.


Awakening Mental + Emotional Wellbeing
Primoridal Sound Meditation

Learn an ancient meditation practice that is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve overall health, reverse the seeds of illness, expand self-awareness, increase brain function, super-charge innovation, inspire creative problem solving and allow you to live with unshakeable compassion for yourself and others. Together, we'll dispel the misconceptions about meditation, and help you develop a daily mindfulness practice that will support you all year long.


Awakening Spiritual + Energetic Wellbeing
Reiki Level I Certification with Crystal Healing

An immersion for those ready to advance on their Spiritual path and serve themselves and the world by accessing this powerful energy-healing modality. Reiki means "Universal Life Force Energy" which comes from the divine and is connected to every living being. It travels through the practitioner, to heal on all levels – body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a very subtle, warming energy, inducing a state of relaxation and rejuvenation. It has the ability to harmonize energies, release blockages, accelerate healing, assist in cleansing toxins, treat chronic and acute physical conditions, enhance creativity and develop a deeper self-awareness.                               


Day 1 - March 21
5:00pm - Welcome Reception, Orientation and Dinner
7:30pm - Opening Equinox Ceremony

Days 2-4 - March 22-24
6:30am - Sunrise Yoga + Meditation
8:00am - Breakfast + Free Time
10:00am - Awakening into Wellbeing Workshop
12:00pm - Lunch + Free Time
3:30pm - Hands-On Reiki Workshop
5:00pm - Evening Meditation
6:00pm - Dinner
7:30pm - Optional Evening Activities

Day 5 - March 25
6:30am - Sunrise Yoga + Meditation
8:00am - Breakfast + Time to Pack
10:00am - Reiki Certification Graduation + Closing Ceremony
12:00pm - Depart

*Schedule is tentative and subject to change as best supports the overall retreat experience.


Learn more about your teacher and guide - Monica Graves

Learn more about your retreat home - Los Quetzales Eco Logde + Spa

Equinox Awakening: Yoga + Energy Medicine Retreat is a very intimate experience.
Only 10 spaces are available to ensure all guests have a powerful, personalized, hands-on experience - particularly with our Reiki Attunement and Certification course.

Register early to secure best pricing and ensure your space.

Early Bird until Jan 31, 2018

Shared Sleeping Space w. Cloud Forest Terrace, Shared Bath
Bunk Bed - $688 - SOLD OUT
Full Bed - $888 - 2 available, 1 SOLD
King Bed - $1088 - 1 available

Private Sleeping Space w. Cloud Forest Terrace, Shared Bath
Full Bed - $1188 - 1 available, 2 SOLD
King Bed - $1488 - 1 available

Standard Rate - Feb 1 - Mar 21, 2018

Shared Sleeping Space w. Cloud Forest Terrace, Shared Bath
Bunk Bed - $888 - SOLD OUT
Full Bed - $1088 - 2 available, 1 SOLD
King Bed - $1288 - 1 available

Private Sleeping Space w. Cloud Forest Terrace, Shared Bath
Full Bed - $1388 - 1 available, 2 SOLD
King Bed - $1688 - 1 available


Connect with Soulbare to join this powerful Equinox Awakening!


Payment Plans may be arranged upon request. Please email monica@soulbare.com with inquiries.

Cancellation Policy
Until January 31, 2018 - cancellations made within 7 calendar days from the time of booking will be allowed a full refund, less $200 administration fee. 
February 1, 2018 and after - cancellations made any time after booking will not receive a monetary refund, but will receive $400 voucher towards standard pricing of any future retreat, workshop, private session or other arranged Soulbare offering(s). 

Have questions? Good! We're here to help! Email monica@soulbare.com to explore this or other offerings.




When does the retreat begin and end?

We begin at 5:00pm EST on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.
You may check in to our beautiful host venue anytime after 2pm.

If you are traveling from outside of Panama, I HIGHLY recommend that you plan to arrive to Panama a least a day early on March 20. 
Travel in Central America can be unpredictable and take longer than expected.

The retreat ends at 11:00am EST on Sunday, March 25, 2018.
Check out is at 12:00pm.

If you wish to come early or stay late, let me know and I will be happy to help arrange.


for international guests -- How do I get there? 

STEP 1 - Take Flight
The best airport to fly in to is Panama City / Tocumen (airport code PTY). 

STEP 2 - Cover Ground
Cerro Punta is 6+ hours from Panama City, depending traffic. Be sure to consider this travel time when looking at arrivals to make sure you get to the Forest well before our start time of 5pm on the 21st.

You have a few options --
Charter bus from Panama City to Cerro Punta, 6+ hours ~$20
Fly from Panama Albrook Airport to David Airport, 45min ~$100 + shuttle bus to Cerro Punta, 1 hour ~$3
Both the Albrook Airport and the Bus Terminal are a 30min drive from PTY Tocumen, your arrival airport. 

You may also choose to rent a car, directly from PTY for ~$50/day.

STEP 3 - Come get a big welcome hug from me and your Retreat SoulFam at the Los Quetzales mainhouse! If you are traveling from within Panama, you can drive directly to mainhouse in Cerro Punta to meet the crew. From there, we'll take 4x4 together to our forest cabins!


What's the money situation?

The local currency in Panama is the Balboa, however US Dollars are used more frequently.
No need to exchange $ if traveling from the US. 
ATM's are abundant in Panama City, but not in the forests of Cerro Punta. 
I recommend traveling to Panama with $100 to cover ground transport and travel provisions.


If I arrive in PANAMA before the retreat begins, where should I stay?

I highly recommend experiencing Casco Viejo, a gorgeous colonial part of Old Panama. The town is partially restored to immaculate vintage glory, and partly conserved ruins. It's stunning, albeit a bit pricey and touristy. There are many hotels (www.booking.com) and Airbnb options available.

Casco is just a short 5min cab/uber ride to the Albrook Airport OR the Charter Bus Terminal, which will make your departture for Los Quetzales very easy the following morning. 

Of course, Los Quetzales Eco Lodge is option too if you want to get to the forest early :)


What should I bring to the retreat?

Great question! The following are Must-Have's:

-- Comfy Clothes! In which you can move well, breathe well, and just BE. Dress in layers, as the Forest is chilly, especially at night. Expect temps of mid 60s during the day and 40ish at night.
-- Yoga Mat or YogiToes
-- Large Refillable Water Bottle. Purified mountain spring water is sourced directly to our cabins!
-- Good Walking Shoes with tred for damp forest floors. Hiking boots aren't necessary, as the trails are not difficult.
-- Headlamp or flashlight
-- Small daypack or other "hands free" type of bag for our day excursions.
-- Bathing Suit for the sauna, or an impromptu dip in the river :)
-- Umbrella or light rain jacket. March is technically "dry season" but we are literally IN the clouds, so you just never know!
-- A Sacred Item for our SoulFam Altar. Anything special and sweet that represents a piece of your heart... a crystal, a special photo, a souvenir, spiritual momento, family heirloom, etc.
-- Toiletries and your own personal essentials. If you forget something, no worries. You can purchase just about anything you'll need in town. 
-- Any extras that make you feel warm and fuzzy
-- An open heart <3

Bedding, towel and purified drinking water are provided.

You'll also receive a special Retreat Journal upon arrival (spoiler alert!), so no need to bring a notebook. Of course, if you have a special personal journal or pen, feel free. 


What's the weather situation?

Expect temps of 60+ degrees during the day and mid 40's at night. Plan accordingly.


Do I *have* to participate in every activity?

This is YOUR retreat. You are the Shaman, you are the Guru, you are the Nurturer of your own Soul. If one of our active excursions doesn't feel like a Fuck Yes!, then feel free to sit it out and enjoy space. That said, I will be there to instigate each of us to push past the boundaries of what's comfortable and flirt with the unknown, the terrain where true awakening and transformation take place. You'll thank me ;) 

As far as the educational classes, you will be required to attend each afternoon Reiki Workshops in order to receive your Level I Certification.


What is the cancellation policy?

After you've submitted payment for your space in the retreat (full or partial deposit), you have 10 business days to cancel for a complete refund, less a $150 administrative fee.

Cancellations made on or before February 21 may receive a refund of 50% of funds paid. 

Cancellations made after February 21 will not be eligible for a refund, however 50% of funds paid will be made available in the form of a program voucher to be applied to any future workshop, retreat or private healing session.


have Other questions you don't see here?

I'm here for ya! Email monica@mahavedasoul.com