Clarity Catalyst

[1:1 Mentor Program]


Hey there, Wild One.
I’m so glad you’re here.

You’ve probably gotten a little lonesome there on that cliff’s edge. Looking out into the unknown, gazing at the infinite possibility of a dream and a life totally fulfilled. YOUR dream. YOUR life. Wondering…

Can I?
Will I?
Should I take a leap of faith and do/say/become this totally insane thing that every piece of my soul is yearning for?

The heart whispers, “Yes! Go for it! The time is NOW!”
But the mind screams, “No. Not just yet, you sweet silly thang.”

And it’s oh-so-easy to indulge the mind because maybe you’re not entirely sure what “the thing” will look like. How you’ll bring it to fruition. How others will receive this big, bold move of yours. How you’ll handle obstacles along the way. How you’ll ever feel prepared for ABC in the future because of XYZ that happened in the past.

This silent, on-going battle between the heart and the mind can be so confusing and exhausting that rather than fling forward, you slowly step back to where it’s safe. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel bold enough to jump.

My Love. Lemme be REAL honest with you…

Tomorrow is an ever-elusive myth. It doesn’t exist and will never arrive.
The only time we have is now. Today. This very moment.

I don’t want you standing alone on that ledge any longer.
Waiting any longer.
I want you to SEIZE today and fulfill your destiny.

That’s why I created The Clarity Catalyst mentor program.

To join you, support you, help you break through all the barriers between you and the thing you are longing to do.

Together, we will soothe the mind and encourage the heart to speak louder and louder and louder, until…. The only left to do is leap!

what’s the program all about?

The Clarity Catalyst is a one-on-one, short-term mentorship program. 3 tiny weeks to be exact.

You’ve been waiting long enough to step into this dream, Beloved, and I know for certain you do not need to take some 3- or 6- or 9-month course to be “ready.” You already are ready. TRUST ME.

You just need a few weeks of some gentle guidance, brutal honesty and soulful instigation to help you summon the courage to take action.

We’ll hop on the phone for an hour each week, and here’s what we’ll focus on together…


week 1 :: ILLUMINATING the vision

Understand your vision with crystal clarity. What is that you want to grow? Expand? Leap into?
Define, refine and describe all the juicy details of how it will look and feel when your new state of being is a reality.

This 1st week is a marriage of soul-expanding mindfulness techniques and mind-blowing quantum physics principles that will prepare your mind, body and spirit to magnetize the effortless fulfillment of your vision.


week 2 :: embracing fear

Finally get honest about what’s been holding back. Also known as… what the hell you’re so afraid of.
Truth bomb #1 - beneath the surface of every rational explanation of “not yet” is one little, pain-in-the-booty reality. FEAR.
Truth bomb #2 - the thing you are most afraid of is the thing that will help you grow the most.

Week 2 is all about indentifying, acknowledging and learning to embrace your fears. Because they are your greatest teachers of wisdom and they ain’t going anywhere. So rather than let them hold you back any longer, it’s time to invite them along for the plunge.


week 3 :: taking the leap

It’s go time, babe! Strap on your parachute, dust off your wings, pack an overnight bag… do whatever is it you feel you still need to do to prepare for the launch because We. Are. JUMPING.

In Week 3, you’ll create a simple, no-brainer action plan to move things forward and will learn a few mindset tools to help you overcome obstacles that may try to sneak back in along the way.


das it!

Three weeks. Three phone calls. A bold, new You.

I’ve got just 6 spaces open for The Clarity Catalyst this spring!
If you are READY to be READY, scoop one up Now. Registration links below >>>

What makes me qualified to mentor you?

Aside from my professional credentials as a wellness educator and spiritual guide (which you can read about here if we are new-ish friends), I’m somewhat of a professional cliff-diver at this point :)

These teachings and techniques that I’ll guide you through during our time together are what I’ve personally used to courageously:

Sell everything I own and move to unknown lands - twice.
Not just survive a layoff but THRIVE on a bold new career path in its aftermath - twice.
Live in a tent.
Live on pennies in my bank account.
Live in abundance.
Hike the Grand Canyon literally days after deciding to do so, with zero training.
Sit at the table with foreign government and hold my own with compassionate audacity.
Dare to explore the earth alone. 
Dare to give my entire self to another.
Trust in the kindness of strangers. 
Trust in the magic of the universe. 
Trust in the purpose and passion of my beating heart.
Silence the nay-say, both internal and external, and leap from whatever cliff I found myself standing at the edge of... plummeting into the uncertain and unseen, scared shitless yet deeply faithful to the capability of my very own wings.

I’ve taken a leap of faith or two in my day, and I know without a shadow of a doubt I can help you make yours, too!


so! how do you sign up and get started?

I’ve got just 6 spaces open for The Clarity Catalyst this sping and I would be thrilled if you scooped up one of them!

The program is offered on two payment options:

1 time payment of $280 (save $44)


3 weekly payments of $108

Registration is completed through secure online checkout via PayPal or Square Cash

As soon as you register, I’ll send you a confirmation email with a fun get-to-know-you survey.
It’s here that you’ll share a bit more with me about your big, bold dreams.
And we’ll land on a good time for our weekly Clarity dates <3

got questions?

Cool! I’m here and happy to help. Email me at and we’ll talk through the details together.

All my love, gratitude and celebration of YOU!